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About The Vintage Lineup

Our Story

It all started by continuously asking for what we wanted, over and over again, rain or snow - everywhere we go. Well, that was started years ago, and now we have more than we bargained for! And it comes in, more often than we imagined and sometimes unannounced! We buy single items to whole collections by asking all around - from people in a bar, all the way to people closing out estates! We ask everywhere “who has what” and oh boy, have we have grown from there! On the road to somewhere everyday, the hunt and grab is non-stop!!

The Lineup

We specialize in vintage and modern collectible clothing, vintage and antique artwork, “different”, rare, special and collectible items. Oh, and worth the mention, the unmentionables! Yep - the stuff you hide in a box or closet or attic. Selling single items all the way to a skid full of clothing (typically 4-8 “bales”) either searched and picked or raw for you to filter out the junk and jems.

The Idea Here…

We are open to checking out EVERYTHING! Contact us for consultation and consideration of items you wish to be rid of, nothing too big or small for consideration. Really - and yes, even THAT!! Just need to be old or very unique. Contact us if you are in search of something special or unique - We are all over the states and have a LARGE network to produce results.

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The Vintage Lineup

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The Vintage Lineup

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